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Instant Towels

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�Instacloth Towel In A Tablet, 32 Tablets

These ultra-light tablets, the size of a stack of seven pennies, are actually absorbent cloths as big as a sheet of paper! Just add a little water and they quickly expand right before your eyes! They’re very absorbent, dry quickly and are great for fast cleanups of wet spills. Keep some in your car, take them camping, they’re small enough to keep almost anywhere.

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  markofando wrote @

Want to start your private office arms race right now?

I just got my own USB rocket launcher 🙂 Awsome thing.

Plug into your computer and you got a remote controlled office missile launcher with 360 degrees horizontal and 45 degree vertival rotation with a range of more than 6 meters – which gives you a coverage of 113 square meters round your workplace.
You can get the gadget here:

Check out the video they have on the page.


Marko Fando

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