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Life in Port Aransas, Texas

Today I went for a beach cruise as far as you can drive in the southern direction. I think it is called Fish Pass. There really isn’t a pass there anymore, just to jetties. On the other side is Mustang Island State Park. We started at the northern end of the beach and drove the 12 miles all the way south.

There were quite a few people still here on a Sunday. One thing was really strange. Usually we see the Pelicans flying and diving to catch fish. Today however, they were floating in the surf. We couldn’t figure out what was going on. Then we got to the end of the beach and as we walked out on the jetty we saw huge schools of these new hatchling fish. There were millions of them. (This is no exaggeration.)

We are guessing that the pelicans were just waiting around for the fish that were bound to show up and start eating these little fish, (1-1/2 inches long), and then they would get their fair share. I guess it is a pelican eat fish world.

There is a new place to get WiFi in Port Aransas and it’s the Salty Dog Bar. That is where I am right now. WiFi-ing and listening to the football game. However, I’m getting a little hungry right now so I’m gonna finish this up and head for the cottage.

After a day of clipping and posting my usual stuff that I find around I will also be posting a “Life in Port Aransas, Texas” post to let family and friends and friends to come know what is going on here. You can always go to Karaoke at Lovett’s Bar in Port Aransas to see who got up and sang karaoke on Friday and Saturday nights.

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  Ann wrote @

To get to fish pass you just get on the beach and just drive south? I heard it was a good place to fish but then I never found out how to get there. Do you have to have a 4 wheel drive? Thanks for any info you may have we are planning to visit port a in a few weeks.

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