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Life and Times In Port Aransas

Today was a pretty good day. I got WiFi hooked up at Lovett’s Bar and I’ve spent the better part of the afternoon and evening listing Lovett’s on all the WiFi hotspot directories. I think the winter texans will make good use of it. There are quite a few of the RV parks that already have it.

However, I got to thinking there are several, 3-4, places that have internet solely for their customers and they aren’t listed either. I’m thinking that at about 50-75$ each place I can pick up a little chunk of change entering their hotspots in all the directories as well. Gonna check that out.

Played Texas Hold-Em at Lovett’s and I was the first one out again. Sometimes I do pretty good and sometimes I don’t do well at all. That means most of the time. I do like to play the game.

Starting to feel a little better every day, but I think I over did it a little on Sunday at the Neptune’s Jam Session. Yesterday was a lay around and do much of nothing day.

That’s about if for now, more later.

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