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Oh, I See What You Did There

Awesome, Mr. Bean at his finest.

Vodpod videos no longer available.



  Me wrote @

Haha, gotta love it!

  vandamonium wrote @

Yeah, he’s pretty talented. Reminds me of Monty Python….

  Tombrend wrote @

It takes a lot for a drummer to be able to perform in such close synchronization with a performer on stage.

  Lou wrote @

Brilliant. And you have to love how any nationaliy can watch and enjoy that sketch. A very clever man.

  Widgetas wrote @

It’s Rowan Atkinson… Probably before he invented Bean 😛

  Vince wrote @

great sketch. its not a drummer working in sync with rowan but most likely a keyboard- amazing nontehless
5 stars

  hoops509 wrote @

its just good fun no matter who you are!!

  mike wrote @

as a bean fan that was one of the greatest acts i have seen yet

  Kyle wrote @

You mean “Rowan Atkinson” at his finest? 😛

Nice stuff though. Kinda reminds me of the Michel Courtemanche sketch.

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