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Life and Times in Port Aransas

The weather here is beautiful, wish you were all here! The setting up for “Lovett’s Beach Bash” has already started. Tom already has his trailer on the beach and by tomorrow night there should be about four more. My brother Roy is bringing a bunch of mesquite firewood. The big party is Friday night with the food being ready at about 6:00pm give or take. After that there will be a repeat of “Karaoke on the Beach”, the only time karaoke is done on the beach to the best of my knowledge.

I’m headed to San Antonio for doctor appointments on the 4th of November and coming home on the 6th. I’m having a Cat-Scan and an Ultrasound on my abdomen and then seeing both doctors afterwards. Doubt that they will do anything other than fine tune my medications. I sure hate having to leave the island even for this. Sometimes I think I would be happy to just stay here and never have to leave.

Time to go and get ready to play “Texas Hold-Em” at Lovett’s. I’m sitting at the Gaff now and like to make the rounds at least every other day check for wi-fi hot spots. Found out today that I can hook up at Shorty’s and Hooks.

Until the next time, “Keep your head up unless you looking for loose change”!

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