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No Ordinary Love (with no ordinary images)

I had never seen this before, and the photographer had no background information. So after reading through the comments on Flickr, someone who lived in the area was able to provide a few more details. And another user found the link to the artist’s website.

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this is in the cemetery at mount macedon, victoria

it is about 80km west of melbourne or something like that
it is the grave of a guy, and his wife commissioned this sculpture for it as an expression of her love for him
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Peter Schipperheyn, born Melbourne
Australia 1955-�
“Asleep”� carved 1987�
460 mm in height by 2020 mm
in length by 800 mm in depth [life-size figure].�
Carrara Statuario Marble .�
Macedon Cemetery, Mt Macedon. Victoria.
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the gravestone IS amazing…the detail and the pose are both provocative and disturbing at the same time. The way her hair is spread out and her right hand gripping the edge is so incredibly realistic! What a wonderful piece of work.
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the gravestone by itself. the perspective of this, along with all the other ordinary gravestones is just amazing. the contrast between the feminine curves and the rectangular edges is so stark and stunning
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Please wait image downlaoding of Asleep_copy.gif (71851 bytes)

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Sad, yet amazingly beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like this before

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  LOTGK wrote @

In my best Austin Powers voice…

She’s dead sexy baby….

  vandamonium wrote @

Awwwwww, why didn’t I think of that!!!!!

  Idetrorce wrote @

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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