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Notre Dame

Awesome! I’d never seen this before. Amazing
If you have never seen Notre Dame then you must click on the read more button and check it out.
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This is the tiny little hillside chapel of Notre Dame de Lyon. It was a healthy walk to the top all by my lonesome with my tripod and ipod. It was once again one of those places where you are not supposed to use tripods. But I simply state that I am on a mission from God, and then they generally back off either in awe or confusion.

The Grandure of Notre Dame
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  LOTGK wrote @

I like “Touchdown Jesus” right outside the stadium.

  vandamonium wrote @

The Notre Dame in the post is the Notre Dame de Lyon, in Lyon France. I sure wish I had taken the effort to see where is was in relation to Cannes when I was there in ’84…

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