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Packaging Templates – Paper Folding Projects

All kinds of great templates for Paper Folding.
clipped from

Packaging Templates

smbox.gif (6607 bytes)

small box

SmFavorBox.gif (2884 bytes)

small favour box

Basket.gif (7007 bytes)


BasketII.gif (4766 bytes)

basket II

bonbon.gif (17806 bytes)

bon bon box

BookBox2001.gif (15501 bytes)

book box

FoldedGiftBag.gif (6489 bytes)

folded gift bag

GiftBag2001.gif (9703 bytes)

gift bag

HandleBox.gif (8327 bytes)

handle box

heartbasket.gif (9253 bytes)

heart basket

hexex.gif (3103 bytes)

hex extension

hexbox.gif (13312 bytes)

hex box

tri.jpg (34508 bytes)

pyramid box

pyramid.gif (8394 bytes)

pyramid box II

petalhex.gif (6530 bytes)

petal hex card

SmShopBag.gif (10340 bytes)

small shopping bag

tinybox.gif (4707 bytes)

tiny box

TeapotGiftBag.gif (7903 bytes)

teapot gift bag

suitcasebottom.gif (17930 bytes)

suitcase box bottom

suitcaselid.gif (7377 bytes)

suitcase box top

takeout.gif (7457 bytes)

takeout box

InterlockingBoxI.gif (4661 bytes)

interlocking box

puffbox.gif (7253 bytes)

puffy box

InterlockingBoxII.gif (4839 bytes)

interlocking box II

matchcover.gif (3626 bytes)

match box�

candyboxtop.gif (9630 bytes)

candy box top

candyboxbottom.gif (11186 bytes)

candy box bottom

DoorHangerBag.gif (6612 bytes)

door hanger gift box

flapbox.gif (8245 bytes)

flap box

cakebox.gif (23562 bytes)

cake slice box

favor box.gif (5973 bytes)

favour box

buttonbox.gif (15968 bytes)

button box

box.jpg (29234 bytes)

ornament box

FoldedBag.gif (7217 bytes)

folded bag

CandyBox.gif (8282 bytes)

bon bon candy box

StationaryBox.gif (4956 bytes)

stationary box
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What a fab blog .. im loving all the boxes .. gonna have to give most of them a try . thank oyu

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