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Paper Folding – Make a Gift Box

Easy gift box construction with nothing but a cereal box, glue gun and scissors.
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step 1Tools/Materials:

You’ll need the following tools:

– Hot glue gun with glue

– Scissors


– One cereal box

That’s it


step 2Step 1: Cut and Flatten the box

Cut the box down the middle. I like to cut down the side that doesn’t have the tab on it.


step 3Step 2: First fold

Fold the box in half.

All of the folds don’t have to be exact.


step 4Step 3: Second fold and make some cuts

Fold the bottom half in half.
At the bottom of the box, cut up to this fold on the right and left.

From the top of the box, cut down to the first fold on the right and left.


step 5Step 4 : Third fold

Fold only the middle section of the top half in half.


step 6Step 5: Cut away what you don’t need

Cut the box so it looks like the picture below. The cuts don’t have to be exact.


step 7Step 6: Glue down the front flap

Flip the box over. Use hot glue to secure the front flap down.

step 8Step 7: Glue down the sides

Use hot glue to secure the side flaps.


step 9Step 8: Glue the back

Use hot glue to glue the back flaps.




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  LOTGK wrote @

Thought I saw this on Saturday Night live a year back.

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