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Office Wars

It’s a binder clip pencil shooter. How can you win an office war without one?

clipped from

binder clips

Take a few binder clips of varying sizes, turn them upside down, and clip the smaller binder clips inside the larger clips.

binder clip pair

It should look like this when the larger binder clips have clipped the smaller ones.

Remove all the binder clip handles.

Add another 2 larger binder clips on top of the smaller edge with a rubber band in between.

Take out the binder clips handle again.

Reverse wrap the larger rubber band.

If you want, you could add a laser pointer on top of this office weapon to help you aim.

You could elongated object of your choice, in this case, pens and pencils works perfectly,

This office weapon could really hurt if used correctly.

Close up of the result of this office weapon.

Disclaimer: in no way condone the use of office supplies weapon in the work place, or anywhere else.

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