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The Big 50

Thats right the big 50, that is the big 50,000th visitor to “Vandamonium’s Weblog”.

(BTW check out the new Music Page) added new music today 09/23/08

22 to go…. who’s it gonna be?

There is a point to this post:

I have looked and looked but there is no way to actually tell who is the 50,000th visitor to “Vandamonium’s Weblog”.  The only way I can figure how to find out who that visitor is, and where he/she comes from is to have that person leave a comment or emailing me to let me know that he/she is that visitor.

I promise to give away nothing, but I might.  I will advertise your blog, website or business for 1 month, maybe forever.  You could even tell me what you want if you are the one.  To participate all you have to do is look up in the right hand corner of the screen each time you visit and if you are 50,000th visitor snip a copy of the counter or do a screen capture and email it to me @ ….

I’m figuring it will sometime around the 19th – 21st of this month. 24th – 25th of this month.  So check back often around that time and you might be the big 50,000th visitor.

I started this blog a year ago September.  Here are the monthly stats for the last 12 months:

As you can see, last November was the month with the largest amount of hits for the past year.  It’s amazing how you can track these numbers and relate your life events to the rise and fall of the numbers.

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  LOTGK wrote @

I cannot tell a lie. It was me. I was your 50,000 th visitor.

Damn, sorry, I can tell a lie.

At least I was some of them…

Congrats on 50K

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