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It’s Been Awhile!

It sure has been a while since I have posted anything here.  Some may know and this may be news to others.  I am a retired GySgt from the USMC and my medical care comes from the VA system.  Well long story short because of Hep C and a shot liver I am in a rehab (90 days) program in the VA hospital up in Temple, Texas. For  this 90 day program I have now been here almost 140 days granted I am getting medical care at the main hospital while I am here and I don’t have to travel all the way to San Antonio for doctor appointments but I can’t help but make the following statements and inform you the general public what is going on here.

I recently either read somewhere or heard somewhere in the paper or on the news all this money the Obama organization had given the VA system.  Well, I’m here to tell you what I SEE them doing with that money.  Remember I have already said that the VA system has been giving me good health care..  on that note.  They have just installed an extensive Wireless system throughout the whole Domicilliary (DOM as it’s called) however, there is no indication and I was even told by one of the installers that it is not for our use but will be for staff only.  I can only surmise that they are probably going to take the clipboards away from the nurses that do bed checks at midnight and give them PDAs or something like that.  If it’s there, why can’t WE use it.  I have my Clearwire connection that works here just as well as home but there are other residents that have no connection at all, PLUS the hallways around here in the DOM are full of brand new furniture, Desks, Cabinets, Credenzas, etc.. They are going into all of the office spaces where in some cases they are replacing furniture that was just installed last year.  So, in a nutshell, that is what I see them doing with all the millions of dollars that the VA health care system received under the OBAMA administration.  What’s an old GySgt to do but kick back and sigh!

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  Alice Hanzel wrote @

Hey Van…….I’m glad to have noticed you on Facebook. You’ve got a great website going and I enjoyed reading it. I was sorry to hear that you had been sick…….but it sounds like you are on the mend now……..which is a good way to start the new year!!!! I hope to see you around town soon. Take care of yourself…..remember… ONLY have ONE body…….treat it nicely!!!! Later gater….Alice

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