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School Update

I’m enrolled and ready to start back to school on  01/02/2012.  I will be taking courses via AIU online virtual campus.  Had my first little class tonight, kind of an orientation thing.  Looking forward to this.  Here is what I am going for:

This is my first block of classes:

092208 081

092208 081 by vandamonium
092208 081, a photo by vandamonium on Flickr.

I am DeeOhGee and I love life and Vandamonium, and being in the wind!

10 Gig of Free Storage

Running a little short of space on your hard drive?  Need somewhere to park all of those photos, along with the capability of sharing your photos, files, whatever you want with family and friends, if so just click here for 10 GiG of free storage.  Hope this helps someone out there, I found it and have been using it for two days now and highly recommend it.

If you are here you might as well check it out!!!!!!

Pick the month you were born
Jan – I ate
Feb – I banged
Mar – I ran naked with
April – I smoked with
May – I ran shirtless with
June – I beat
July – I cuddled with
Aug – I needed
Sept – I shot
Oct – I shanked
Nov – I stabbed
Dec – I slept with

Pick the day (number) you were born on
01 – my lover
02 – a dog
03 – homer
04 – A homo
05 – a condom
06 – A toothbrush
07 – a hippie
08 – a glass of milk
09 – a porn star
10 – Paris Hilton
11 – the trojan man
12 – a teletubby
13 – the kool-aid man
14 – some crack heads
15 – an easter egg
16 – a pot head
17 – a bum
18 – a stripper
19 – a horse
20 – a homeless guy
21 – a drink
22 – my best friend
23 – the cookie monster
24 – my boy friend
25 – a bowl of cereal
26 – a golf ball
27 – a bag of weed
28 – a french fry
29 – your mom
30 – your grandma
31 – a mop

Pick the color of shirt you are wearing
White – because hoes keep stealing my tacos
Black – because I’m sexy like that
Pink – Because I’m good in bed
Red – because I have AMAZING boobs
Brown- because I had to
Polka Dots – because I hate my life
Purple – because I’m gay
Gray – because I love marijuana
Other -because I have double D’ s
Green – because I love to snort cocaine.
Orange – because I smoked crack
Turquoise – because I have a noodle in my nose
Blue – because I’m a pimp
Shirtless – because I’ve got abs
Yellow – because I didn’t like the way he/she looked at me
Gold- because the people in my head were banging
Tan- because I’m a soldier boy/girl

Post Your results  in the comments.

Every Family Has One

The Cyclops Uncle in Our Family

Every Family Has one of those Uncles and I’m it in my


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