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What’s Up?

Well it’s been a long strange trip since I last posted here.  Tomorrow will be the anniversary of the day I lost my best buddy ever DeeOhGee.Vandamonium & DeeOhGeeI still miss him. I haven’t found another and don’t know ts hat I ever will.  He was special and there will never be another like him.  One day there will be the one that will adopt me but he/she has not come along yet.

On the medical side of things I had my Gallbladder taken out just before Christmas of last year.  I am hoping to start the new Hep C treatment around the beginning of the new year I just have to pass two urinalysis tests to begin.  I am off the Jane train and have been since the 3rd of October, I flunked the first one in October but then I told them I would, I’m waiting for the results of the one I took last Monday the 17th and hope that I tested clean, if not my levels should be a lot lower than before. I weighed 148 pounds wChen I graduated from boot camp 43 years ago and 148 pounds when I retired 23 years ago and I now weigh 163 pounds.  They changed (the VA being they) my sleep medication and it also works as an appetizer enhancer so I guess it’s working. I will try to be more regular in posting. Check this out: Make money from your sites!

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