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Papercut Sculptures from single sheets of A4

This one heck of a medium for art and the first time I have ever seen paper folding and paper cut-outs used at the same time.  Here is one of them.

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I bought the Photo Explosion 3 software today and was really impressed with some of the ancillary programs included with the package. Notably the MontagePlus software.  I took this first picture when I went and visited with my two youngest grand kids.

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Watch Part Motorcycles

Somebody had a lot of time on their hands.
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Notre Dame

Awesome! I’d never seen this before. Amazing
If you have never seen Notre Dame then you must click on the read more button and check it out.
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Animusic – Pipe Dreams

Animusic – Pipe Dreams

Click read more for a Great Animated Video. Awesome!

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No Ordinary Love (with no ordinary images)

I had never seen this before, and the photographer had no background information. So after reading through the comments on Flickr, someone who lived in the area was able to provide a few more details. And another user found the link to the artist’s website.

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How the Beijing Olympics Got It’s Logo

Four cartoon panels that displays the way the Chinese came up with the logo for the 2008 Beijing Olymics.  I got a big chuckle out of this on from the PixPit.  Check it out.

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