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Every Family Has One

The Cyclops Uncle in Our Family

Every Family Has one of those Uncles and I’m it in my


Incredible Wave Pictures | – StumbleUpon

Incredible Wave Pictures | – StumbleUpon.

Remembering The Brave

Remembering The Brave.

More amazing Photos

These were  sent to me by a good friend and i thought they were worth sharing

My Musical Exploits

For a look at my weekend musical exploits click on the picture below…..


My Gig Promotions

The following are the posters I made for my upcoming gigs. I am playing on a spur of the moment invitation at the “Tarpon Ice House” tonight starting around 6 or 7pm till when ever…. Stop in if your in the area.


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Pictures From New Years Eve


Here are some of the pictures taken New Years Eve.

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