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Every Family Has One

The Cyclops Uncle in Our Family

Every Family Has one of those Uncles and I’m it in my


Incredible Wave Pictures | – StumbleUpon

Incredible Wave Pictures | – StumbleUpon.

To Those We Lost in 2008

US magazine dot com has a comprehensive list of all the celebrities we lost during 2008 click on Paul Newman below to start your journey.

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Pictures From New Years Eve


Here are some of the pictures taken New Years Eve.

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My Photoalbums

My photos and videos are on MyPhotoAlbum!
visit my albums

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Still in Terlingua

I’m still in Terlingua and I’ve got hundreds of pictures to upload, catagorize and write blogs about.  I’m gonna wait until I get home to do that.  The music bash was awesome and I can’t wait to write about all that happened.  It’s been a long 6 years but I’m reconnected and back into the swing of things.  More to follow when I get home.

Interesting Pictures

I’ve been sick the last 2 or 3 days and have been under the covers most of that time.  I did however pick up a few interesting pictures while I was stumbling along… (click image for a larger view)

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