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Who we are

Who we are.

The Big Move

src=”” alt=”Vandamonium & DeeOhGee” title=”Me and DeeOhGee” width=”213″ height=”275″ class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-2626″ /> DeeOhGee and I have moved to Arlington, Texas. We came up here on the 1st of December, then back down to San Antonio for a couple of weeks with my Mom, but have now officially moved here to Arlington, Texas, where I was stationed when I retired. My youngest daughter is close by and having a baby next month. I’m excited for her….

Top Viral Videos for 2011

This is a pretty neat video.

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Another year gone, and yet people still happen to catch their stupidity, bad luck, or awesomeness on camera. Here’s the best videos that have gone viral in 2011.

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Dog Signs

School Update

I’m enrolled and ready to start back to school on  01/02/2012.  I will be taking courses via AIU online virtual campus.  Had my first little class tonight, kind of an orientation thing.  Looking forward to this.  Here is what I am going for:

This is my first block of classes:

092208 081

092208 081 by vandamonium
092208 081, a photo by vandamonium on Flickr.

I am DeeOhGee and I love life and Vandamonium, and being in the wind!

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