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Be an Organ Donor

You can’t use them when your gone.

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an Organ and Tissue Donor

Help Create a Donation Friendly America!
Each organ and tissue donor saves or improves the lives
of as many as 50 people. Giving the “Gift of Life”
may lighten the grief of the donor’s own family. Many
donor families say that knowing other lives have been
saved helps them cope with their tragic loss.

Register with your state donor registry.

More information on how to
register to be a donor in your state
. Most states,
but not all, have donor registries.
Designate your decision on your driver’s
Do this when you obtain or renew
your license.

  • Sign a donor card now. Carry the
    donor card with you until you can designate your donation
    decision on your driver’s license or join a
    donor registry.

  • Talk to your family now about your donation

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