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Added New Polls Page

Check out the new Polls page if you have the time.  They are real easy to set up and they are now incorporated in this latest version of WordPress.


Do You Have A Pet?

Pool Anyone?

Pool Anyone?

Above is a photo of my “Owner” D.O.G. on the left and his daughter OhNo.  We used to play D.O.G. pool.  Each player would pay $1 for a number (1-15) then the winner of the last round put 50 cents in the table.  D.O.G. would stick his head in the area where the balls come out.  Which ever ball comes out, the person with the corresponding number “WINS”!  The game was a blast to play and fun was had by all.  Then one day D.O.G.’s head got stuck and he kinda panicked.  D.O.G. don’t play that game anymore.  He is still the “Best Owner I’ve Ever Had” and he has taught me every trick I know.
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