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A Dirty Mind – Do You Have One

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LEGO Rubberband Chaingun

This looks just too cool. To bad they didn’t include instructions on how to build this one. It would be great at your neighbor hood bar or in the office. Click the read more below to see pictures and a video.

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PopCorn on the Cob

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Popcorn on the CobOk, this video is a bit corny (pun intended), but it’s also an interesting concept. So take a look at how you can make fresh popcorn directly from the cob.

The process simply involves freezing a fresh ear of corn and then slapping it in the microwave! The video has all the details…

If anyone actually tries this, please come back and let us know how it turned out!

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To Those Who Have Sons

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The Joy Of Sons

�Dedicated to all the mother & Fathers of boys

those of you who have sons & those of you who are happy that you

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Hell of a Barbershop

I think I might start cutting my hair again if one of these were around here.
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Sexiest Barber Shop Ever!

Sexiest Barber Shop Ever!

Sexiest Barber Shop Ever!

Sexiest Barber Shop Ever!

Sexiest Barber Shop Ever!

Sexiest Barber Shop Ever!
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5000+ Resources to do just about anything online

I’ve clipped a few examples. Links to other resources can be found at the page
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Since May 2007, we’ve been bringing you resources and tools to be more productive on the web. Due to popular demand, we’ve brought all these lists together into one gigantic meta-list: 5000+ Resources to Do Just About Anything Online.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to subscribe to Mashable for the latest web news and resources.


6 Key Ways to Measure Your Blog’s Success – Six essential tools for measuring how your blog is performing.


20+ Firefox Plugins For Managing Email – Use Firefox to help you manage and control your email.


100+ Tools For Flickr Addicts – The possibilities with Flickr seem endless, and this toolbox shows you just some of what is out there for you Flickr addicts.

90+ Online Photography Tools and Resources – Tools for editing, finding, and storing photos.


50+ Websites For the Kickass Control Freak – More tools to get your life organized and get more done online and out in real life.




120+ Web Development Resources – A huge list of tools to assist you with developing your website.

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Other Wonders of the World

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7 Unusual Wonders of the World

Our buddy WebUrbanist has tirelessly researched and assembled four different articles to compliment the traditional 7 Wonders of the World that we’re already familiar with. Now we’ve also got:

  • 7 Underground Wonders of the World
  • 7 Submerged Wonders of the World
  • 7 Deserted Wonders of the World
  • and the 7 More Deserted Wonders of the World
  • I highly recommend checking them out, and if you’ve got 30 seconds please show some support by Digging this one (I did!).

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